Sunbelt Rentals invests in electric telehandlers

SUNBELT Rentals has announced that the business has placed a ‘multiple’ unit order for the new Faresin 6.26 full electric telehandler.

The lithium battery powered machines have been bought from UK dealer GGR Group.

A fast-charging system is said to allow the batteries to be ‘rapidly topped up at convenient intervals’ throughout the day. A regular 110-volt on-board charger is included when larger power supplies are not available and can be used for an overnight charge.

Sunbelt Rentals sales and marketing director, Dave Harris, said, “Our commitment to innovation, especially in the green arena, has led to the purchase of these machines. We have seen that they have been introduced to the market with great effect and are already being requested on major national infrastructure projects.

“Whilst Italian manufacturer Faresin is a relative newcomer to the construction sector, they have a heritage spanning almost five decades. The partnership with GGR Group gives confidence in the level of support that we should expect with this product. It is reassuring to know that their eye for innovation is supporting the introduction of this product to the market.”