New safety technology ‘ready to go’ in Scotland

A Scottish plant firm has sent out the message that safety technology being utilised in England is available and ready to go in Scotland.

“It’s about working safe, being safe and going home safe – that’s the motto,” Angus MacAulay, of MacAulay Plant Services, told Project Plant on his firm’s recent sales of the Xwatch safety systems.

The technology is configured onto machines and allows for various different safety measures to be utilised by users of plant machinery – including the creation of a ‘bubble’ which slowly shuts down the machine should an operative step within the designated radius.

Further to this is the ability to set height and slew limitations, and a rated capacity indicator which shows the operator exactly what is being lifted. Xwatch safety solutions say that their product is also ‘less demanding’ than similar products.

“We all know how dangerous sites can be,” Angus said. “A lot of sites down in England are utilising theses sort of systems, so we’re trying to get ahead of the game and get it known that we have that kind of technology available up here ready to go.

“My first impressions (of the system) were how simple and easy it is to use – that’s what brought my attention to it. There’s only a couple of buttons on the screen where you need to press to change your modes and see your settings.”

Network Rail recently awarded a product acceptance to the XWatch XW Series of products. The approval signifies a commitment to safety, fitness for purpose and reliability which act as the cornerstones of the rail management firm’s product acceptance initiative.