New partnership has R&R on the right track

FAMILY-run tracking specialist R&R Direct has become the sole UK deployment partner of telematics giant Trackunit.

The business will install, manage and provide aftercare services for Trackunit software and technology on machinery across the UK in a bid to eliminate downtime and provide peace of mind for customers. 

R&R was established after founder Ross MacLeod required a service which would allow for him to track the vehicles in his plant dealership business. The firm offers technology to allow owners to track the movements of their machinery as well as the health and performance of their equipment. The Hertfordshire-headquartered firm, which also has an office in Leeds and has plans to expand into Ireland, was initially a subcontractor for Trackunit, but R&R revealed Trackunit proposed a partnership be formed after being impressed by the company’s flexibility and quick response times, as well as the firm’s UK-wide coverage.

Trackunit states that it will help eliminate downtime from the construction industry by 2025 through the use of systems and data. R&R offers a range of solutions that allow operatives access to machine systems via smart phones and computers – offering live footage from dashcams to being able to immobilise plant machinery remotely.

R&R founder Ross MacLeod told Project Plant, “I don’t see why anyone would invest in machinery and not have a tracker and immobiliser fitted. I think it’s crazy. Because we’re a family-run business, we’ve got feet on the ground. We employ our own staff, we’ve got people throughout the UK, and all of our engineers have extensive experience working on plant machinery.”

R&R utilises a computer system which allows both the customer and those in the offices to receive instant updates on work. Ross describes it as a ‘game-changer’ with the software providing pictures of work undertaken and details of what has been done, as well as a timeline of when work commenced and was completed.