New Liebherr release helps tilt the balance

LIEBHERR has introduced a new tilt unit which extends the swing angle of various attachments. 

The manufacturer said fixed attachments can reach swing angles of up to 2 x 75° thanks to the LiTiU solution. Hydraulic attachments such as sorter grabs, swivel-mounted ditch cleaning buckets and tilt buckets can be combined with the LiTiU unit for an even bigger swing angle. LiTiU is also compatible with attachments from other manufacturers. 

The LiTiU is designed for applications where the swing angle represents an extension of the working area. Liebherr explained it allows more applications of wheeled and crawler excavators. As well as ‘classic’ excavation works, the machines can also be used for tasks such as levelling and modelling banks, ditch cleaning, demolition and recycling, without the need to reposition the machine or change the attachment. 

LiTiU has been developed by Liebherr with protected swivel motor. It is available as a direct mounting or sandwich attachment in two different sizes.