Edinburgh groundworks specialist makes landmark machine purchase

EDINBURGH-based groundworks contractor Keystone Construction has become the first UK firm to buy a Cat 308 excavator with the Cat TiltRotate system (TRS) fitted to its machine.

Designed to integrate into the Caterpillar Advanced Monitor, the new TRS is said to provide enhanced versatility and intuitive control.

Until recently, Keystone hired machines from local plant hire companies to fulfil its contracts. However, after test-driving a Next Generation Cat 308 at Finning’s Hamilton branch, the businesses decided to purchase a machine of its own.

The TRS8 allows operators to rotate the bucket 360 degrees continuously with a 40-degree angled tilt, reducing the need to reposition the machine.

“Compared with other larger machines that we’ve used over the year, the Cat 308 next generation excavator has the best operating ability, power and performance,” said Jonathan Prior, director at Keystone Construction. “However, it’s also compact, which makes it easy to operate and small enough for our typical construction site.

“Rotating and tilting the bucket at every angle allows operators to dig sideways, around a corner and in really tight, confined spaces. It has already proved to be extremely valuable, enabling us to complete some of our most challenging jobs to date.”

Keystone has already used its new piece of equipment to complete a project on a city centre block of flats. The excavator was used to dig two complex shapes within half a metre from the boundary on each side. Finning said that normally working in close proximity to an obstruction would require moving the machine multiple times or use of additional equipment. However, with the TRS, the operator was able to check the angle of the bucket from the cab and adjust it to excavate with accuracy.