Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum issues new essential guidance

THE Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum has issued new essential guidance to help the sector’s operatives to continue to work safely,

The campaigning collective has made three revised advice documents available to firms, associations and workers across the country. They cover the latest health and safety information in a comprehensive range of potential scenarios. They include:

In addition, the Forum has produced a unique homeworking guidance document and homeworking checklist to provide yet more essential advice for employers and staff.

All the documents have been reviewed by the CICV Forum’s Health and Safety sub-group and underscore the message that if an activity cannot be undertaken safely, it should not be undertaken at all.

Rebecca Crosland, health and safety adviser at the Building Engineering Services Association and chair of the Forum’s health and safety sub-group, said, “Since the inception of the Forum in March last year, it has been a primary concern to develop and maintain a strong information flow.

“It is most encouraging to note that so many people are playing their part and working with the message that we are #InThisTogether. This latest guidance is intended to cover as many situations as possible as essential activity in the sector is allowed to continue.”

The initiative is the latest from the Forum in a series of practical measures that contractors and workers can follow to protect themselves and their colleagues, customers, friends and family.

The Forum has already reinforced guidance about the correct use of face coverings, travelling properly and staying Covid-aware outside work, as well as a reminder to the public to let operatives carry out work safely.

Iain Mason, director of membership and communications at SELECT and chair of the forum’s communications sub-group, added, “There has been a very positive response to the Forum’s guidance campaigns, which are all in line with current Scottish Government regulations.

“The updates we have just issued are intended to deliver vital messaging to as wide an audience as possible. As people adapt to the new environment, it is extremely important that safe working becomes second nature.

“The Forum will continue to monitor the changing circumstances as the pandemic runs its course and will stay at the forefront of the information measures, with the long-term aim of keeping everyone as safe as they can be.”