Hire specialist surveys opportunity to expand

EAGLE Plant Hire has opened a new depot in the east end of Glasgow which specialises in survey and safety equipment.

The Baillieston site aims to complement Eagle’s core business of plant, tool and access hire. The company has made a significant investment in stock and created several new job opportunities.

Eagle opted to open the depot in response to increasing demand from customers for this type of equipment. Previously, clients were going elsewhere for this type of kit but Eagle spotted the opportunity to become more of a one-stop shop.

Products are available from brands including Topcon, Leica and Drager. The portfolio of survey and safety equipment includes pipe lasers, multigas detectors, radios, soil testers, tripod safety winches and harnesses.

Iain MacDonald, Eagle Plant sales director, told Project Plant, “As of last week, we had 300 lasers out on hire, from a standing start at the beginning of October.

“A lot of people thought we were crazy (to launch a new service amidst the Covid-19 situation) but we bounced back from Covid and had our record month last month in terms of the overall business. It was a bit of a risk, but the demand was there already from our existing clients.”

Eagle consulted with some key clients prior to launching the new depot and knew support was there. 

Iain explained, “We didn’t just jump in, but It has exceeded expectations. We’d spoken about it for maybe a year. We’ve started two new technicians, two new drivers and there’s a manager. We’ll also be looking to recruit a salesperson at the start of next year.

“We are primarily known for our excavating fleet. This type of business isn’t as challenging in the respect that it doesn’t need huge resources to manage it in terms of engineers and fitters going out to repair things. The costs involved in setting this up compared to the day to day plant hire business – there’s no comparison. 

“Feedback from customers has been very positive. We’re covering as far afield as Aberdeen and Dundee from Glasgow. That’s a bit of a challenge as there’s a lot more geography to cover.”

Iain added that there is “100%” potential to expand Eagle’s survey and safety offering, with the firm hoping to add another depot in the Aberdeen area before too long.