Kobelco relaunches mini excavator with new features

KOBELCO has relaunched its SK17SR-3E mini excavator with a number of new design features.

The machine’s working environment has been upgraded with a Grammar-branded reclining seat to improve operator comfort. Wrist rests instead of arm rests have also been integrated to further reduce fatigue, while all switches inside the cab are back-lit. LED working lights have been installed on the boom as standard.

Kobelco said the SK17SR-3E’s zero tail swing (canopy version) or short tail swing (cabin version) provides ‘excellent’ accessibility when working next to walls or digging close to ditches, and the machine can swing through 180° within a width of just 2m for a small operating footprint.

Retractable crawlers (990mm) provide additional accessibility on confined sites and allow the machine to pass through spaces as narrow as 1m wide. When extended (1,320mm), the crawlers offer improved stability during operation.

Other features include a forged boom top and bolt-tightened pins, and a boom cylinder guard. The hydraulic hoses are housed within thick cast-iron swing bracket for additional durability. The SK17SR-3E is also now Stage V-compliant.

Product manager Peter Stuijt said, “When developing our mini excavators, a key focus for us is to ensure that performance is not compromised by the machine’s small size. In the case of the SK17SR-3E, the machine is not only competitive in terms of arm crowding force (8.7 kN) and bucket digging force (15.2 kN), but its newly designed and comfortable interior also makes it particularly attractive to operators.”