‘Winning’ features help lift Merlo to greater heights

MERLO’S latest Panoramic and Roto telehandler models have been described by the manufacturer as boasting a number of ‘winning’ features.

The Panoramic range comprises compact telehandlers, high capacity and HM models, and telehandlers with stabilisers.

Features include the Merlo interface with hydraulic locking and tool recognition, side and longitudinal engine with hydrostatic transmission, levelling and boom side-shift system, and contained chassis dimensions and high ground clearance.

All models are equipped with ECO equipment within the cab. The PREMIUM interior is available as an option. The Plus versions are equipped with a full attachment recognition system with a monitor. For the basic versions, the light attachment recognition system is provided. Merlo explained that the interiors are designed to guarantee ‘maximum accessibility’ to the controls.

There is new air flow management for cab heating and cooling. Operators can choose air direction and activate a windscreen demisting system. 

The Roto family developed for the UK market consists of telehandlers belonging to three distinct categories: S-Classic 400 (models with 415-degree rotation); S-Classic 600 (models with 600-degree rotation and continuous rotation); and S-Plus (models with continuous rotation).

Features include Merlo interface with hydraulic locking and tool recognition, longitudinal engine and EPD hydrostatic transmission, axle levelling and suspension system, a tiltable cab with new smart armrest, and contained chassis dimensions with high ground clearance.

The S-Classic and S-Plus models are equipped with active axle suspensions as standard. These can be managed in three ways: active suspensions, manual management (levelling and machine height variation), and locked suspensions, which Merlo said provides increased comfort during transfer, less vibrations transmitted to the moved loads, and chassis levelling for lifting loads on wheels. There is also the possibility of varying the height of the machine according to the soil.

Roto machines are equipped as standard with self-stabilisation and self-levelling. By managing the stabilisers independently, the manufacturer revealed it is possible to correct ground slopes up to six degrees and vary the stability plan according to site conditions.

The new Merlo cab contains FOPS with external windshield and ROPS, 4.3 sqm of glass surface to boost brightness and visibility, 1,010mm width for operator comfort and a new capacitive joystick featuring two sensors which automatically detect the presence of the operator’s hand. 

For the S-Plus models, the machine features a cab with a tilting device, which allows it to be raised by 20°.