Claymore takes on Sunward dealership in Scotland

Angus Macpherson

CLAYMORE Plant Sales has become the official Scottish dealer for Sunward Excavators.

The business, which is based in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, expects the machines to be a big hit with customers – and revealed some may be surprised at the high performance levels of the Chinese-manufactured diggers.

“It was brilliant for Claymore Plant Sales to get these machines, especially at the prices we can sell them at now,” Angus Macpherson, director of Claymore Plant Sales, told Project Plant. “We sold five last week, and two this week. With the way the market and world are now (in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic), it’s good that we can offer a cheaper but just as good alternative.”

Sunward produces excavators ranging in size from 1-90 tonnes. The machines feature Yanmar and Kubota engines and contain a user-friendly monitoring system which allows for a wide viewing angle.

Claymore believes Sunward’s smaller excavators are ideal for projects such as urban reconstruction, water conservancy and construction in narrow areas.

With a new distribution centre in Belgium, Angus said the excavators can now easily be brought to the Scottish market and offered at an affordable price.  

“A lot of competitors are struggling to get machines in because of the pandemic, but we have about 40 of these machines in stock in Belgium,” he explained. “It’s really good for Scotland to bring in another excavator that’s a bit different from everything else. The good thing with Sunward is that they’re (so) massive that they’re here to stay. They’re here for the long-term.

“Don’t let the fact that they’re made in China put you off. Come and see them. The machines speak for themselves. They are very good machines, and some people might be very surprised at just how good they are.”

Angus revealed he recently demonstrated a Sunward excavator to a customer at the same time they had a competitor’s machine on trial. 

With the two machines in his possession, the customer was quite literally able to test them side-by-side. Angus said that within two hours, the customer made the decision to purchase the Sunward excavator.

Becoming the Scottish dealer for the machines has given Claymore a different dynamic, Angus said. 

A big part of the firm’s business is the sale of accessories and attachments, such as Gyru-Star screening buckets and Prodem attachments. 

“Bringing on Sunward and aligning them with these attachments is fantastic. For customers looking for a machine and attachments, we can offer a one-stop shop,” he added.