Andover blazes a trail in Scotland

A civil engineering firm based in Argyll has been singing the praises of a recently purchased Andover trailer, which the business is using for general and heavy haulage of plant.

Chris Stewart of D.A. MacDonald told how the firm was looking at three different models, before ultimately plumping for Andover’s SFCL56 model. “It was price and availability over the rest,” he said. “Based on build quality, tie down points and axles it was what we needed.”

The model purchased by D.A. MacDonald has three axles, a gross trailer weight of 59.5 tonnes and approximate payload of 48 tonnes. Andover said the step frame trailer is defined by its low deck heights, low profile neck and ease of operation. 

This is D.A. MacDonald’s first purchase from Andover, but Chris said that it is already proving to be a successful one with the firm using it to transport plant smoothly.