Spider platform ‘can’t be faulted’ on Fife biogas contract

A Hinowa spider platform has been praised for its role in providing maintenance at three biogas plants in Fife.

Access Platform Sales supplied the Hinowa Lightlift 17.75 Performance IIIS tracked spider to Glenrothes-based J Todd Plant Services. The model has a maximum working height of 17.06m and a maximum outreach of 7.5m.

J Todd Plant Services carries out inspections and maintenance on a range of equipment on anaerobic digestion biogas plants, including pipes, valves, mixers and pumping systems. “Our Hinowa is proving to be the perfect choice,” said company owner Jamie Todd. “It can get anywhere on the biogas plant sites we work on, is quick to set up and easy to smooth to operate. It can’t be faulted.”

Todd added that the machine is ‘ideal’ for manoeuvring around the plants. “Its two-speed tracking system gets us to lift locations quickly, so we make most productive use of our time,” he explained. “Its tracks and compact size means it can get into the tightest spaces. The one touch set-up and stow function makes it quick to get to height and safe to use. I can also tow the spider platform easily to all three sites, which is important because biogas plants can be located on quite out of the way places on farms.”

Shane Paver, northern sales director at Access Platform Sales added, “Anaerobic digestion plants are of growing importance to provide sustainable energy and products for other industrial uses. Being able to maintain them sustainably and effectively is equally important. Hinowa’s range of spider platforms can clearly contribute to that process.”

J Todd Plant Services will also use the Hinowa 17.75 for delivering other maintenance services, including tree surgery. At other times, it will hire out the platform to other companies and organisations such as building contractors and local authority maintenance departments.