Machine operator builds huge online following

A social media star, known online as ‘Brutal Digger’, has built up a large following after posting regular videos and pictures of construction projects he is working on in and around the area of Kaliningrad in Russia.

Evgeny Akhtyrtsev is a heavy machine operator working for a small independent construction firm in the area. He has become somewhat of an Instagram and YouTube star, with more than 10,000 followers/subscribers.

Evgeny’s company owns a mixed fleet of construction machines, which includes two Hyundai excavators – a 22-tonne R220LC-9A and a 21-tonne R210LC-9.

“We initially bought the Hyundai machines as we required excavators with additional hydraulic lines,” Evgeny explained. “The Hyundais also offered an excellent quality-price-ratio.

“As an operator, I really like the power output of both Hyundais and the many other features of the machines, which include the ergonomics of the Hyundai cab, which has been designed with the operator in mind and is very comfortable for long working days.”

The machines have been put to work on projects including  land clearance, groundworks and digging foundations.

On one project, Evgeny used his R220 machine to dredge and expand a ditch so that fishing boats can sail through. Another task involved the removal of a Beaver dam, in which Evgeny used the R220 with a rake bucket and grab attachment. The YouTube video has had almost 110,000 views to date.