Scotland’s construction industry moves into phase 4 of restart plan

SCOTLAND’S construction industry can move onto phase 4 of its restart plan, the Scottish Government has announced.

Reaching phase 4 of the plan, developed by Construction Scotland on behalf of the industry and Scottish Government, means that workers will be allowed to be in close contact with each other on site – so long as appropriate PPE is worn.

The Scottish Government’s Covid-19 construction sector guidance document (which was published at the beginning of lockdown) details what phase 4 will consist of.

It reads, “Phase 4 will only commence once we are advised that medical style PPE supply to the NHS and Social Care staff is assured. Once this key point is reached, the wearing of such PPE (with associated discipline, such as permits to work, time limits, PPE work zones and close supervision) will be added to the range of measures available.

“This means that those tasks omitted in earlier phases will now be able to be completed Progress throughout Phase 4 will also be subject to monitoring and supervision by site management, with any data/evidence gathered (such as site Covid-19 related absences) being used to inform continual review of management practices and arrangements to ensure safe working and physical distancing.”

Commenting on the progression to phase 4, housing minister Kevin Stewart, said, “I am pleased that the construction industry can take this further, important step in returning to work and continuing its response to the Covid-19 pandemic. I must reiterate again how important it is that the latest Scottish Government and safe operating guidance is followed.”