New Komatsu dozer a ‘powerful addition’ to any fleet

MARUBENI-Komatsu has announced the launch of the 112-tonnes D475A-8 crawler dozer, described by the manufacturer as boasting improved production levels and new features for comfort and safety.

The model is powered by a Komatsu SAA12V140E-7 engine, which is EU Stage V compliant. For greater efficiency during long pushes, the torque converter lockup clutch can be automatically engaged. Engine power is then sent directly to the transmission, which Marubeni-Komatsu explained results in increasing ground speed and machine efficiency, for less fuel consumption and faster cycle times.

The working mode can be set to either P (Power) for maximum production or E (Economy) for energy-saving operation. The cab has new dampers for the mounts and large glass windows to enhance visibility. A reclining air-suspension seat reduces vibrations and has thicker cushions and adjustable lumbar support.

A multi-lingual high resolution LCD monitor provides access to the auto-idle shutdown, the Operator Identification System, the auto ripper return and the auto blade tilt functions. It can display the working area behind the machine and features an energy-saving guide and  new troubleshooter.

The layout for the steering console and work equipment lever has been renewed, and the height of the steering console can be adjusted electronically. The Palm Command Control System (PCCS) is ergonomically designed to provide operators with a relaxed posture and ‘superb’ control, Marubeni-Komatsu added. Other features include an automatic climate control system, 12V outlet power source and auxiliary input jack.

A caution indication reminds the operator to engage the seat belt, and a new secondary engine shutdown switch is located on the side of the machine. The ‘operator sensing system’ will engage the travel brake and lock the work equipment when no one is sitting in the operator seat. Safety features include large hand rails for safe access to rear maintenance points and an optional power ladder.

Gregory Peeters, product manager at Komatsu Europe said, “The new D475A-8 was designed with the operator in mind, to easily enable the full use of the increased engine power and to safely and comfortably improve productivity. It’s a safe, fast and powerful addition to any customer’s fleet.”