Latest release completes Kubota’s new 5-tonne series

KUBOTA has completed its new series of 5-tonne machines with the introduction of the U50-5.

The model joins the KX060- 5 and U56-5, which were recently made available.

The U50-5 has been built for the hire market and designed as an entry-level machine. Kubota said its size means it is well suited to working in smaller spaces.

Features include a Kubota original direct injection engine with CRS and DPF muffler and a Stage-V compliant engine; a full-colour, high-resolution 7” LCD screen and job dial navigation as standard; double adjustment air suspension included on L models to improve comfort and allow for easy height adjustment via an air compressor; and accessible radiators and wide opening bonnets for enhanced access.

Glen Hampson, business development manager for construction at Kubota UK said, “We’re proud to be welcoming the U50-5 into our 5-tonne range. The U50-5 is a brilliant entry-level machine, it’s easy to operate and the new features ensure it’s safe to use. Our products are built to last, from sustainable engines to straight forward maintenance access. It is important for us here, at Kubota, that we’re providing machines that get the job done, but are also enjoyable and comfortable to use -which the U50-5 certainly is.”