Kiverco modular range offers solution for family business

A temporary recycling plant has allowed Crapper and Sons Landfill to process commercial and construction waste while the firm awaits construction of a new MRF.

The company’s primary activities are recycling, waste management, the supply of recycled aggregates and operation of a landfill. A 170-acre site is located just outside Swindon, with 40 acres dedicated to industrial and commercial landfill and another 30 acres committed to recycling services.

Crapper and Sons’ goal is to divert as much material as possible from landfill by processing waste through a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), reclaiming and repurposing a range of commodities and valuable materials. The business is currently awaiting the construction of a new MRF, that will boost efficiencies and capacity.

In the meantime, Crapper & Sons approached CRJ Services for a solution. The answer was the hire of two Kiverco modular mobile units, a density separator, and a mobile picking station with integrated blower.

Kiverco’s modular range offers the business a complete waste processing system. CRJ explained that the units ‘can be set up quickly and offer flexibility’ around the processing of waste materials.

The Kiverco DS 150 is described as a compact density separator, offering efficient separation of material using twin recirculating air blowers. The Kiverco PS123 is a picking station that combines manual sorting, air separation and magnetic separation in one unit. The fan blower module is integrated on the infeed conveyor and removes light materials entering the station. CRJ added that any desired material can then be manually picked from the resulting heavy fraction as it passes through the station. All material leaving the station is subject to an overband magnet, removing any ferrous metals.

These units can be supplied with an integrated diesel/electric generator, allowing flexibility around large sites. They also arrive with a hydraulically adjusted jack leg system, which allows users to adjust height to fit into existing processes.