Access solutions provider adds slide protection barriers to range

TPA has added to its portable roadways portfolio with the launch of slide protection barriers.

The specialist access solutions provider revealed the integrated solution is secured to existing connecting points on the edge of TPA’s aluminium roadways panels providing ‘clear demarcation’ of the sides of the access road as well as having the capability to prevent vehicles from leaving it.

Modular in design, it can be assembled to produce different lengths and configurations with no ground penetration. The components are also light enough to be installed by hand.

The bright yellow colouring is said to provide high visibility along the length of the installed roadway and its steel construction prevents vehicles up to 40 tonnes from veering off the roadway whilst the offset design maintains a 3m clearance.

TPA explained that the system will commonly be utilised when the access road is installed on land with an adverse camber or where there is a drop off to both or either side of the access, such as on an embankment or a culvert crossing.