Volvo reveals updates to H-Series wheel loaders

VOLVO’S H-Series wheel loaders have been updated, the manufacturer has revealed.

In 2014 the L60H-L220H wheel loaders were introduced, followed three years later by the L260H and L350H.

“Over the years we have built on experience and worked closely with customers to improve these machines,” said product manager Lars Eriksson. “Now, in 2020, we have introduced new features that take these machines to a new level of efficiency.”

The rimpull control system now comes as standard on all H-Series models. Volvo explained that this allows operators to minimise wheel spin and optimise the balance between rimpull and hydraulic functions.

The Volvo Co-Pilot monitor is also now available on a wider range of machines from the L60H up to the L350H.

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System provides real-time information on the conditions of machine tires, while a Map application has been added to give better visibility and understanding of the site layout and real time site traffic situation. Weather, Calculator and Notes apps are new too. The On-Board Weighing app has also been upgraded to include two new task modes – stockpiling and processing.

The rear view camera and radar detector system are now displayed on the Volvo Co-Pilot display. Volvo has also introduced an Operator Coaching application, designed to enhance operator performance by providing guidance to help get the most out of the machines.

There is an extended engine oil change interval, which will be 1,000 hours as standard for H-Series models equipped with Stage V engines from April 2020. New handles have been installed on both sides of the counterweight facility. This feature comes as standard for the L150H to L260H models.

A quick-fit connector on the hydraulic tank will now be fitted as standard on all H-Series models. Volvo revealed this results in quicker and easier hydraulic oil filling. Customers who specify the biodegradable hydraulic oil option now benefit from an extended change interval, doubled to 8,000 hours.

“We are confident these updates will help get the most out of the Volvo H-Series wheel loaders,” Eriksson added.