Three in a row for Marubeni-Komatsu

THE Marubeni-Komatsu stand is sure to be popular at ScotPlant 2020, with the show marking the third consecutive ScotPlant for the sole UK distributor of Komatsu construction and utility equipment. 

The stars of this year’s line-up will be the new WA475-10 wheel loader and PC138US-11 excavator with Topcon X-53x system.  

The WA475-10 next generation 24-tonnes class loader boasts an EU Stage V engine. Built on the benefits of its predecessor, the WA475-10 is said to be up to 30% more fuel-efficient and can be utilsed for moving, transport or loading jobs.

The aftertreatment system combines a Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). The SCR system further reduces NOx emissions using AdBlue.

Komatsu Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission (KHMT) is a Komatsu technology described as making the  WA475-10 more powerful and fuel-efficient. A variable speed control allows operators to adjust the machine’s top speed, throughout the entire speed range, to the job-site’s requirements, while the adjustable variable traction control limits wheel spin in difficult ground conditions.

Hydraulic speed can be independently controlled directly from the accelerator pedal. 

The new cab has an internal noise level of just 70 dB(A). With only four pillars, its all-around glass surface is said to contribute to ‘perfect’ visibility. The lever console features a new command-control dial and is adjustable on a 5x axis. A slightly increased internal air pressure prevents dust and other particulates entering the cab. The WA475-10 has a rear-hinged door, angled steps and large handrails, while a 7-inch colour monitor provides key metrics.

Messages from the ECO Guidance system are displayed in real-time during operations and on the exit screen when the ignition is turned off. The ECO guidance menu allows operators to check operation logs and fuel consumption. A new air-suspension seat dampens vibrations to provide a more comfortable ride, while seat-mounted electronic pilot control levers, with the optional Komatsu Short-Lever-Steering System, are said to improve convenience and reduce operator fatigue.

The PC138US-11 automatic excavator with Topcon X-53x system is said to ‘reset’ the bar for excavator systems by eliminating over digging and enabling operators to work with greater accuracy and productivity.

The X-53x automatic excavator can take control of the boom to guide the bucket edge depth to the grade design. The operator simply has to pull back on the joystick and the system automatically controls the depth and shape of the grade cut. Fingertip button controls on the custom joysticks provide instant access to the automatic features. The operator decides exactly when to engage automatic grade depth and bucket angle assistance. 

The X-53x has been designed to dig exactly to design every time. The bucket mode feature locks the angle of attack and automatically adjusts while the operator pulls the stick.