‘New generation’ pile cutter enters the market

MR Cropper has launched a new generation hydraulically-driven cutter for concrete piles that is described as being ‘safer and up to five times faster’ than traditional methods.

The MotoCut Q-350S pile cutter, which features twin diamond 500mm-diameter circular cutting blades, can be attached to an excavator via a quick hitch system and operated from the cabin, eliminating the risks associated with falling piles, dust or HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome).

Fully self-contained, Mr Cropper explained that the cutter works with any 13 to 30-tonne hydraulic excavator with a hydraulic line system.

James Burchell, director of attachments said, “Mr Cropper are pleased and excited to exclusively bring MotoCut to the UK rental market to add to our already extensive offering. From conversations with our diverse customer base we can see many benefits to using this piece of equipment. It will negate the need to consider HAVS which can be a concern when breaking down piles traditionally and also offers advantages around productivity, operator safety and dust control as well as greater flexibility compared to traditional pile breaking.”

MotoCut is capable of cutting square piles between 180mm and 350mm diameter as well as rectangular and circular ones.

The system includes a tiltrotator, while the complete unit is delivered to site fully-assembled and attached to the excavator via a standard quick hitch adaptor.