Excavator haul allows Pitlochry contractor to grow

A Pitlochry agricultural/forestry contractor has purchased eight Doosan excavators in recent years to boost expansion plans.

Robertson Fencing Ltd specialises in woodland creation and establishment works.

In the last three years, the company has taken delivery of eight Doosan diggers from Balgownie, the local authorised dealer. The haul includes two DX160LC-5 HT 16-tonne high track crawler excavators, five DX140LC-5 14-tonne crawler excavators, and a DX63-3 6-tonne mini excavator.

Managing director Rab Robertson said, “The first Doosan machine we purchased was a DX140LC-5 recommended by David Moir at Balgownie and the excellent performance of this machine convinced us to purchase the rest of the Doosan machines. In doing so, we have not only switched our favoured brand to Doosan, we have changed from a dealer that was 25 minutes away to one that is two hours away, but Balgownie more than makes up for it in terms of support for our business – I have never seen quality service and back-up like that offered by Balgownie – it is amazing.”

The DX140LC-5 crawler excavator includes a 5% increase in engine power and 4% greater torque over the previous version of this machine. Doosan said traction has also been boosted with an increase in drawbar pull of about 18% and front lifting capacity has been increased on average by 10% and side capacities are 12.5% higher.

Rab Robertson added, “Our operators have been impressed by the comfort and reliability of all of the Doosan excavators. The new Doosan High Track excavators offer a specialised design for the forestry industry with a high ground clearance and a bigger, stronger undercarriage. They have been outstanding in our work in restock mounding for clients like Forestry and Land Scotland, RTS Forestry, Tilhill and Scottish Woodlands.”

The DX160LC-5 HT excavator combines the upper structure from the DX140LC-5 with a heavier-duty 18-tonne class high track undercarriage, increasing the ground clearance from 410mm to 615mm. In its standard configuration, the digging depth is 5,355mm, the digging height is 8,940mm and the digging reach is 8,080mm.

The DX160LC-5 HT and DX180LC-5 HT are powered by the Perkins 1204F engine.