‘Robust’ ramps assist with axle testing

POWERED access platform specialist Nationwide Platforms has splashed out on new ramps designed for testing oscillating axles.

The business was on the lookout for lightweight and robust ramps with high load-bearing capabilities, to help test the axles on self-propelled booms and scissors. 

Spreader plate provider Outriggerpads provided a solution in the shape of 28 pairs of ramps made of UHMW polyethylene. 

Each pair can handle loads of up to 50 tonnes despite the ramps weighing only 32kg each.

Mike Evenson, chief engineer for Nationwide Platforms said, “The ramps supplied are deployed in each depot to provide a secure, safe, certified and trusted solution to test certain functions on our equipment. They have proved to be robust and are light enough to be easily moved when required.”

The ramps are described as being oil, water and chemical resistant. The design includes a non-slip surface and two integrated handles.

Charles Grizzle, business development manager for Outriggerpads, said, “Nationwide Platforms takes safety extremely seriously. Our ramps enable them to safely conduct these axle tests; will outlast the equivalent metal ramps; and are lighter and easier to position, helping to improve productivity.”