New technology is a bright idea for Atlas Copco

ATLAS Copco has developed a technology called SmartMast, which is said to maximise light tower safety.

The patented technology features in-built sensors which are capable of detecting adverse conditions, obstacles, potential impacts and irregular ground surfaces or floors.

Designed for use on light towers with extending hydraulic masts, Atlas Copco said SmartMast can also reduce operating costs by extending the autonomy thanks to a dimming function. 

The firm’s HiLight B5+ light tower can be equipped with this system, which will also be offered on other HiLight models in due course. 

On detecting high winds, SmartMast automatically lowers the mast to avoid losing stability.  It also brings the mast down if any obstacle is detected between 300 and 500mm above it, and can alert users to the approach of objects which might impact upon the light tower. 

During installation of lighting on sites, SmartMast assesses whether the ground or floor surface is level enough to make the structure stable. If not, the technology prevents the light tower from operating.