Kubota shows off electric prototype mini digger

KUBOTA has announced the unveiling of an electric prototype mini excavator.

Powered by lithium-ion batteries, the manufacturer said the machine is designed to operate using the equivalent output of existing diesel engines, whilst meeting emission limits.

The model is being displayed at a new product exhibition in Kyoto City.

Kubota explained that the mini digger has been developed to operate ‘uninterrupted for longer’ on a single charge, while the low noise output boosts work being carried out in urban locations.

Glen Hampson, business development manager at Kubota UK said, “At Kubota, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop machines that meet the needs of our customers. The unveiling of the prototype in Kyoto City is testament to this.

“Kubota is focused on overcoming the challenges that come with the use of electric machines, such as the issue around the amount of charging infrastructure available and limited battery capacity. In 2020 and beyond, we will work to ensure we have created a machine which is both more sustainable and built for the future.”