Online tool is a welfare ‘first’

Boss configurator

BOSS Cabins has launched an online configurator, which allows users to design and cost the company’s welfare cabins, portable toilets and secure storage. 

Described as a ‘first’ for the welfare sector, the firm said online configuration has been used for a while now in other industries such car manufacturers. 

Matthew Wordsworth, Boss Cabins director said, “These days we’re all used to being able to hop online 24/7 to research and price up our purchases. We wanted to offer the same ease-of-use, transparency and flexibility in the welfare sector as is available elsewhere. It seemed a bit archaic in this day and age to have to ring a salesperson or arrange a visit before being able to get a clear ideas of the products and specifications we offer and the associated costs. 

“In the initial testing phase, we’ve had a great response to the configurator and we hope it will make it easier for all welfare users and purchasers to make the correct choices for them.”