‘Don’t Walk By’ campaign highlights workplace safety

A-PLANT has commissioned a new film aimed at highlighting the importance of challenging unsafe workplace practices.

Ahead of the hire giant’s annual Safety Week, A-Plant revealed that the three minute-long clip is centred around a poem entitled ‘I Chose to Look the Other Way’ by Don Merrell. It will be delivered to the company’s employees as part of a series of clips to illustrate the importance of health and safety at work.

Douglas McLuckie, director of risk at A-Plant explained, “We all have a responsibility to keep ourselves and our colleagues safe and we hope that this film will highlight to our employees the importance of health and safety in the workplace. We want to encourage our teams to act if they see any unsafe practice or activity, giving them the confidence to intervene, if safe to do so. This mind-set can help prevent accidents from happening and will help create a safer place workplace for everyone.”

A-Plant Safety Week will take place between November 25-29. The event will emphasise health and safety in the workplace, with particular focus on individual responsibilities and reflecting on safety performance overall. Managers will be carrying out mandatory briefings, digital presentations and activities that include specific video clips that have been produced for the initiative.