Astrak pads in ‘rigorous’ test success

Astrak pads during test

ASTRAK has revealed that its DuraLine Plus Road-Liner rubber pads recently successfully underwent a series of ‘rigorous’ wear tests as part of a major OEM approval process.

The testing aimed to provide a direct comparison of Astrak’s DuraLine Plus pads with those produced by the market-leading OEM supplier.

Astrak explained that 500mm wide Road-Liner pads were fitted to a standard 14-tonne excavator, which tracked on them for 100 hours across multiple terrains and in differing weather conditions on a test site with the wear and chunking being monitored and recorded at regular intervals.

The results confirmed the independent lab results which Astrak said had previously proved that the DuraLine Plus rubber pads are ‘absolutely comparable’ with the market-leading product and over 50% more durable than standard aftermarket quality rubber pads. 

“Our Road-Liner pads emerged from the testing in an incredible condition ready for many more hours on site,” Astrak said.

Astrak pads after 5 hours of use