A steer in the right direction

New S530 M-series Stage V loader

A choice of over 50 different product families of approved attachments are available on Bobcat’s new versions of its M-Series S450, S510 and S530 skid-steer loaders.

The machines are the first models in the range to feature a specially developed Stage V compliant Bobcat engine. 

The manufacturer said the availability of a new high-flow hydraulics option for the S510 and S530 models also allows them to be used with higher flow attachments such as sweepers, planers and wheel saws.

Mike Vought, senior director, product management, said, “M-series loaders are some of the best-selling models for Bobcat in Europe and the new Stage V machines build on the legacy set by their predecessors. 

“Customers will benefit from the compact size coupled with the high torque and performance of the new engines. 

“The Stage V engines also allow us to add the popular air conditioning and high flow hydraulics options to the 500 series models further increasing operator comfort and performance.”

Bobcat said ‘skilful design work’ has ensured that even with the Bobcat Stage V engine, the small dimensions of the new S450, S510 and S530 skid-steer loaders are maintained.

The new engine is described as providing 37% more torque and fast recovery from overload compared to the previous machines. 

The new M-Series models are the first in the Bobcat compact equipment range in Europe to have the company’s new machine styling scheme, which includes 3D decals for the first time.   

The loaders now feature the previously optional Deluxe control panel as standard, offering a choice of different languages and telematics. Bobcat has also extended the choice of factory installed tyres for the three models. 

The cab is radio ready with a 12 volt power outlet for charging mobile phones and other devices, a cup holder, added storage compartments and new full-colour instrument panels.

All three skid-steer loader models offer a two-speed option which Bobcat explained boosts the maximum travel speed from 11.4 km/h in low range to 17.3 km/h in high range. The hydraulic bucket positioning option keeps the loader bucket level as the lift arms travel upward.