Driving up standards

RUBBLE MASTER has selected the VACON 100 X AC drive from Danfoss Drives to control its new mobile crusher, called RM V550GO! 

Until recently, the firm had used a custom-made drive up to 11 kW to control the motors of the vibrating conveyor of their crushers. 

However, for the new crusher design, they needed a 15 kW drive, which could withstand demanding environments. 

Gerald Hanisch, CEO at RM said, “As our mobile crushers are used all around the world, we needed a robust drive which endures a wide range of operating temperatures and is able to withstand dust, moisture, humidity and vibrations. 

“Additionally, the drive must tolerate high altitudes.”

RM uses VACON 100 X drives in the new RM V550GO! to control two unbalanced motors in parallel. These motors run a vibrating conveyor, which transports the material to be crushed to the crushing section. 

CAN bus is used for communication with their internal control system. 

The VACON 100 X is said to provide all the features RUBBLE MASTER needs within one standard drive.