First Bobcat E10e minis roll off the production line

BOBCAT has revealed that the first E10e zero tail swing 1 tonne electric mini-excavators have rolled off the production line at the the manufacturer’s compact equipment plant at Dobris in the Czech Republic.

The first of the new models is bound for the Netherlands to Bobcat dealer Inter-Techno, where it will be used as a demo machine and is available for hire from Inter-Techno’s partner company, 123Machineverhuur.

The Dobris factory will produce the E10e for all global markets. The first machines will be sold in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with North America and then Asian markets to follow. The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Norway are the first to be selected in Europe, which Bobcat attributed to research showing the highest demand is in these countries.

Subsequent sales of the E10e in other countries will depend on the ‘readiness of markets, dealers and the demand from customers’, the firm added.

The E10e is produced on the same production line as the diesel-powered E08 and E10z mini excavators.

Jarry Fiser, mini excavator product line director at Doosan Bobcat EMEA said, “We are very pleased that actual demand is higher than our original expectations and production capacities. We prioritised Bobcat dealers in the Netherlands, the nordic countries, Germany and Austria. These countries have very positive public acceptance of alternative power sources.

“The E10e is just the start of our journey in further expanding our portfolio in alternative power sources. In essence, all the components in the power train are made to measure and we are still adjusting the processes with our suppliers so that we can increase the production volumes when needed. The 2019 production capacity is already sold out and we are accepting orders for delivery in 2020.”

The Bobcat E10e is said to combine zero emissions with low noise and a width of just 71 cm. Bobcat describe is as ‘ideal’ for indoor demolition and basement digging, and also other sites such as urban/city centre developments, night-time work and contracts in quiet zones such as hospitals, cemeteries and schools.

The E10e has a lithium-ion battery pack and can be operated for up to four hours on one charge.