Perfectly Able: firm buys first Hyundai HX900 L in Europe

TAYLOR & Braithwaite has sold the first Hyundai HX900 L crawler excavator in Europe to demolition and decommissioning specialist ABLE UK.

The 90 tonne machine is now working at ABLE Seaton Port (ASP), close to the mouth of the River Tees, where it is shearing metal to size, which will then become suitable for recycling.

The HX900 L features a 10 tonne Fortress Shear and was also supplied with a 4.85m³ bucket.

Chris Jordan, sales manager at Taylor & Braithwaite said, “The company were looking for a machine to speed up the process of metal recycling as their workload had significantly increased. They needed an excavator which was capable of working in tough environments and could cope with heavy duty tasks.”

Chris spoke with ABLE’s plant manager, Philip Mangan, about the firm’s requirements and explained what Hyundai models would be suitable. Chris added, “After identifying the Hyundai machine best suited for the company’s needs, I spoke with ABLE’s procurement manager, Matthew Davies, and discussed the specification of the HX900 L and its capabilities – including its lifting capacity and working range – which ABLE analysed in great detail. After negotiations with Mathew Davies and Philip Mangan to agree on the final spec and the cost, we shook hands on the deal. It was approximately five months from the initial enquiry to delivering the machine to site.”

Middlesbrough-headquartered ABLE UK has previously purchased a 43 tonne Hyundai R430LC-9A back in 2016. Chris added, “ABLE’s decision to choose Hyundai was largely influenced by the reliability of their older model. Their first Hyundai, the R430LC- 9A, has proven to be an extremely reliable and robust machine.

“Securing the deal with ABLE for this machine was very important to Taylor & Braithwaite and Hyundai as a brand. ABLE purchased the very first HX900 L machine to land in the UK and the first sold in Europe. This is the largest Hyundai model working in the UK. As a result of this deal, we have had several new enquiries for the new Hyundai model, and we are very proud to have been the first dealer to introduce this mighty machine to the UK. We are anticipating more orders in the near future.”

Philip Mangan, plant manager at ABLE UK, commented, “We are more than satisfied with our 90 tonne machine and we definitely look forward to continuing the collaboration. The HX900L is performing well – we could not ask for more.”