Vulcanising specialist confirms hat-trick of new appointments

SVS director Iain Barral welcomes Rea Cardwell to the team

STRATHCLYDE Vulcanising Services (SVS) has appointed three new members of staff as part of the material handling specialist’s investment plans for this year.

Based near Cumbernauld, SVS delivers maintenance, repair and out-of-hours installation services to clients. The firm has appointed experienced vulcaniser, Rea Cardwell, who has a family background in screening and crushing. He has spent the past six years working for a conveyor belting firm in Northern Ireland, performing tasks such as hot molding, cold bonding and lead vulcanisation. His new responsibilities will include playing a key role in the company’s offsite vulcanising and reactive service support programme.

Also new to the team are trainee vulcanisers, Matthew Glen and John McInally. Matthew previously worked in a call centre, while John was a warehouse operative. SVS said both candidates ‘excelled’ in its trainee recruitment process, which involved a measuring and survey tool test, a listening skills assessment, and a review of the candidates’ interpretation of tasks, followed by a one-to-one interview.

Trainees Matthew Glen (left) and John McInally

Managing director Gerry O’Donnell said, “At SVS, we consistently perform to ensure our services, capabilities and expertise exceed those expected by customers. By having existing, specialist knowledge in place within our team, together with seeds of talent to take our company forward, we feel confident that the services we provide are the very best in the industry, and that the tools required to perform with proficiency and understanding are passed through the firm, ensuring skills gap issues are avoided.

“We’re delighted to welcome Rea, Matthew and John to SVS. Having already shown potential to further their careers within the vulcanising industry, we’re excited to give them the support and experience they need to perform for our customers, and further their own personal progression.”