Motherwell-built haulers in demand in Germany

TEREX Trucks claims to be experiencing ‘increased demand’ for its Motherwell-built articulated haulers since appointing Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH as its newest German dealer five months ago.

Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH currently has two TA300s out on hire, with feedback described as ‘excellent’ so far. The firm distributes TA300 and TA400 haulers to customers in northern Germany.

Marcel Wimker, machine sales leader at Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH said, “We currently have two TA300 articulated haulers that are being rented out to two of our customers. One of the machines is being used on a large-scale construction project, and the other one is moving material at an over ground mine. Both haulers are in operation for up to eight hours per day. Based on the feedback we’ve had so far, our customers seem to be incredibly happy with the Terex Trucks machines.

“Two weeks after we delivered one of the TA300s on site, we received a call from the customer’s operator to say that he was really happy with the way the machine was performing. He even said that his colleagues were a bit jealous and wanted TA300s for themselves! That’s why the company has already ordered another TA300 from us. Both customers plan to rent and buy more Terex Trucks articulated haulers from us this year.”

Paul Douglas, managing director of Terex Trucks, says Germany is a “key market” for the business, with the country set to spend hundreds of billions of euros on infrastructure projects in the coming years. “Germany has the biggest economy in Europe from a manufacturing standpoint, so we are keen to continue to strengthen our presence here,” he added.