All-in-one system tipped to ‘revolutionise’ wet processing industry

CDE has vowed to ‘revolutionise’ the wet processing sector with the launch of the Combo.

The patented product, described as the world’s first all-in-one wet processing plant, has been unveiled at bauma 2019.

The Combo encompasses five processes – feeding, sizing, sand washing, stockpiling and complete integrated water management.

Sean Kerr, chief operating officer at CDE said, “The Combo is no ordinary machine but rather a technological response to the challenges faced by materials producers. It has been designed with a focus on transferring greater reliability and efficiency benefits to customers. Offering a turnkey solution that delivers unrivalled control of in-spec washed products from a wide range of feed materials, the Combo can be used in the construction, C&D waste recycling, industrial sands, mining and environmental sectors.”

Pre-tested and pre-wired before dispatch, the Combo arrives on-site in a single unit ready to ‘plug and play’ either as a standalone plant or as part of a larger turnkey solution, CDE added. The plant is built for ‘rapid’ assembly and can start processing material within days of arrival. As it sits on its own chassis, the Combo requires minimal civils and pipework and its smaller footprint is said to make it ‘ideal’ for tight quarries in urban settings.

The system can produce up to two in-spec products from natural sand or crushed rock. The new technology also allows customers more independence of water supply with up to 90% of process water recycled for immediate re-use in the system.

Kevin Vallelly, director of engineering at CDE added, “At CDE we are unlocking a new world of resource and driving alternatives for sand production. Global demand for construction sand is more than 15 billion tonnes per year. Sand accounts for 35% of concrete which is used in the building construction industry. Large parts of the world face increasing demand for infrastructure and civil projects in the face of diminishing natural resources.

“Our sustainable technology producing washed and graded manufactured sand is helping supplement natural sand which is a finite resource and increasing in cost. By utilising normally low-value crusher fines for sand production we can extend the life of natural resources and add huge commercial value to our customers’ enterprises. The Combo requires a small supply of fresh water compared with traditional systems which typically consume 10-15 times more water allowing its deployment in quarries and urban areas not previously known for sand production. In addition, sand can be produced closer to where concrete is required resulting in significant cost savings in the transport of aggregates. The Combo is industry-leading technology designed to unlock a New World of Resource essential to protect our environment and build the world of the future.”