New excavators help power an expansion in Aberdeenshire

A&A Elphinstone, based near Huntly in Aberdeenshire, has bought several new Doosan and Bobcat excavators from Inverurie-based dealer Balgownie.

The firm has added new Doosan 22-tonne DX225LC-5, 14-tonne DX140LC-5 and 8-tonne DX85R-3 models as well as Bobcat E20 and E85 mini-excavators.    

A&A Elphinstone provides a range of services including building works, drainage, sewers, roads, track works, winter maintenance, kerbing, tarring, slabbing and concrete work and imprints. 

Owner Andy Elphinstone explained, “We take great pride in our work and treat every project with the same level of care and attention. As a result, we have been chosen to carry out projects all over north east Scotland. I have been very impressed with the performance of the Doosan and Bobcat machines, which we use in every part of the business and we receive excellent back-up from Balgownie to ensure we get the maximum uptime.”

The DX225LC-5 crawler is powered by a 6-cylinder, turbo-charged Doosan DL06P water-cooled diesel engine, providing an output of 124kW (166HP) at 1800RPM.

Andy added, “The new Doosan and Bobcat machines have helped to power our expansion, primarily in the housing market but we’ve also been busy in industrial and private sector work. The 22-tonner does most of the heavy digging work on the sites supported by the DX140LC-5 which is also good for digging out foundations and for drainage work.”    

The DX140LC-5 is also part of Doosan’s ‘LC-5’ range of machines meeting Stage IV emission regulations. Doosan said it offers “much more” than the previous Stage IIIB model, with extra engine power and torque, higher traction boosted by an increase in drawbar pull of about 18% and front lifting capacity increased on average by 10% and side capacities 12.5% higher.

The DX85R-3 8-tonne reduced tail swing excavator is powered by a Yanmar 4TNV98C diesel engine providing 44.3 kW of power at a rated speed of 2100 rpm.

Andy said, “Complementing the bigger machines, the smaller Bobcat E20 and E85 mini-excavators ensure we have an appropriate fleet to offer a completely professional and reliable service for any size project, both commercially and domestic.”

The E20 2-tonne model is a Zero Housing Swing (ZHS) excavator, which Doosan explained means that despite featuring a full-sized cab, it still enhances Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) functionality by further protecting the front upper structure corners turning within the swing circle. The ZHS configuration in the E20 provides 320° of free rotation when working close to structures.

The E85 8.6-tonne mini is equipped with primary and secondary auxiliary hydraulic lines offering both dual directional and proportional flow. A thumb control is integrated in the joysticks for better metering of the boom swing and the proportional auxiliary hydraulics.