Software solutions help firms meet GDPR duties

SOFTWARE specialist inspHire is helping companies meet their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obligations by upgrading customers with the latest versions of its software.

The new versions include features and functionality to aid with GDPR compliance.

inspHire said there has been a “lot of noise” surrounding the new GDPR regulations, with businesses  “frantically reviewing” how they capture, process and store data.

To help firms meet their requirements, inspHire has introduced a range of GDPR features across its product portfolio, enabling companies to track actions taken within the system more easily, find out who was responsible and when it took place.

This promotes accountability for any incorrect data usage or breaches. Additionally, “sophisticated” search functionality empowers users to search the entire system for specific personal data.

From here, they can mass edit information, updating and correcting any mistakes as well as erase or redact any information that is no longer needed.

John Priest, inspHire data protection officer said, “These updates have been developed to help with data mining as well as assisting and streamlining GDPR processes for our customers.

“We have made it as un-intrusive for customers as possible. Keeping data accurate and up to date is vitally important, which is why we now offer a one-stop shop to empower our customers to process any request of right to access, rectification or erasure from a data subject.”