Rail move puts Kinshofer on the right track

THE Kinshofer NOX tiltrotator looks to be on the right track, having recently received ‘product approval’ status from Network Rail.

The seal of approval means the unit has been tested and approved for use by rail contractors. Plant hire firm Quattro Group’s rail division recently opted for the cylinderless system for use on a trackside trenching works on behalf of Network Rail.

The company placed an order for six TR19 NOX tiltrotators from authorised Kinshofer dealer MTK Breaker Hire and Sales, based in Levenshulme, Manchester.

For use with excavators with an operating weight of 10 to 14t, the TR19 features a tilting angle of 2 x 50° at a tilting torque of 22,500 Nm/16,595 ft-lb constant with 7.0 rotations per minute.

Andrew Little, national sales manager excavator – attachments, at Kinshofer UK told Project Plant that, because the NOX has no external rams, it could be used for forestry, construction and rail applications without fear of those rams being damaged, thus minimising downtime.

Speaking on Quattro Group’s requirement, Andrew explained that the firm’s previous unit necessitated digging a wider trench to accommodate the rams.

“Productivity is essential,” Andrew said, “So (Quattro) looked for a solution without rams, that would still give the same benefit, i.e. the same versatility that all tiltrotators give you.”

Andrew said that rental houses can “buy in confidence” that the NOX has been signed off for use on Network Rail projects, which would reduce the risk of downtime and any health and safety issues.

“It’s a benefit; we’re happy with the way we’ve gone, we’re happy with the product and we’re happy that customers are now adopting it and using it,” he added.

Andrew noted that the tiltrotator market has seen “exponential” growth in recent years, with Kinshofer UK recently supplying units to the M6 smart motorway project.

“You see it not (just) in specialist areas or (with) owner-operators, but everybody seems to be getting tiltrotators.

“We’ve got a couple that we’ve generated for the M6 smart motorway, so the versatility of the product on the excavator is being seen not only by the specialist operator, but by everybody now.”