CITB announces sale of plant competence scheme

Sarah Beale, CITB chief executive

THE Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has agreed to sell its plant competence scheme to awarding organisation NOCN Group.

The move is part of CITB’s Vision 2020 reformation programme, which aims to “better meet the needs of British construction”. The CITB intends to take on a “more strategic and influential” role, focusing on securing the right training mix, high standards and quality assurance.

The sale is to include the retention of all CPCS-related jobs n Norfolk, as well as all CPCS-related mobile roles.

The CITB’s Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) provides skills cards to individual workers involved in the plant sector. Each card provides identification and recognises the competence and qualifications of the individual holder. The scheme maintains health, safety and environmental standards through a programme of testing to prove workers comply with minimum standards.

Braden Connolly, director of products and services at CITB said, “CITB is committed to supporting a robust, high quality skills and training market. Card schemes will continue to play an important role in demonstrating workforce competence and by stepping away from direct delivery, we remove any conflict of interest.

“CITB will evolve to oversee and ensure standards are maintained, targeting funding to meet current and future skills needs. This will enable us to focus on building the right relationships with providers to secure the kind of provision British construction needs.

“We already have a successful relationship with NOCN Group – having sold our Cskills Awards to them last August – so we are delighted that NOCN Group will continue the CPCS. We are confident that the organisation will continue to deliver this scheme to the highest quality. CITB will remain part of the CPCS Management Committee and NOCN Group Board, ensuring our influencing role helps to maintain high standards and meet the needs of the sector.

Graham Hasting-Evans, managing director of NOCN Group added, “With this acquisition, NOCN Group continues to build its education and skills investment in the construction sector. NOCN has successfully integrated Cskills Awards to become the premium construction qualifications brand, now it welcomes CPCS into the Group to widen its product range further.

“This will give the plant industry a single organisation to go to for its skills needs, increasing the speed and cost effectiveness of the journey into work. We will retain the CPCS business in Norfolk to ensure continuity, keeping jobs local and protecting livelihoods.”

The transition is expected to happen in two phases with completion by August 2019.