Brokk breaks into the market

BROKK has launched its own series of hydraulic breakers, featuring eight different models matched with the firm’s range of demolition robots.

The new Brokk Hydraulic Breaker (BHB) series starts with the 50kg light BHB 55 breaker for the compact Brokk 60 demolition robot, and goes up to the 700 kg heavy BHB 705 for the recently introduced Brokk 500 and Brokk 520D demolition robots. The breakers are described as being lightweight and compact, yet powerful like heavier breakers from other brands.

Martin Krupicka, president and CEO of Brokk Group said, “As the leading benchmark in the industry for compact demolition, it makes sense for us to now take the step to introduce our own line-up of powerful hydraulic breakers to match the power and performance of unique demolition robots. By pairing our industry-leading Brokk demolition robots with their respective Brokk Hydraulic Breaker, we can assure maximum demolition performance for our customers.”