Cat expands ADT offering with new 40-tonner

CATERPILLAR has reintroduced the 40-ton size class to its range of articulated dump trucks (ADT) with the new Cat 740 GC.

This new model is described as incorporating the “proven” features and performance of models currently in the ADT line-up, including new controls; transmission-protection features; hoist-assist system; advanced traction-control system; stability-assist system; and a fuel-saving ECO mode.

The 740 GC also incorporates the latest automatic retarder-control system, which Cat said requires no input from the operator, resulting in greater operating efficiency. The model also features a ‘wait-brake’ that temporarily applies the service brakes during pauses in the work cycle, along with a hill-start system that automatically holds the machine on grades.

The cab of the 740 features the ‘external spinal ROPS’, which Cat said offers “enhanced visibility” by incorporating a rear-quarter glass panel, eliminating the need for a structural pillar. Other features include a ‘wake-up’ system, which initiates machine displays when the door is opened; a lighter, stronger door than previous designs; optional infrared glass to reduce solar heating; left and right-hand sliding windows; an optional heated/cooled seat; and an automatic climate-control (HVAC) system with more vents.

The overall design results in interior sound levels of 72 dB (A), according to Cat.

The 740 features the Cat Automatic Traction Control (AATC) system, which aims to increase operator productivity and lower owning and operating costs by reducing tire wear. The system proactively applies differential locks to avoid wheel spin.

A combined transmission-and-hoist lever provides single-lever control of gear selection and body-hoisting functions. A mode switch in the cab allows operators to select either manual or assisted-hoisting control. The latter allows the automatic application of the wait brake, shifting of the transmission to neutral, and raising of the body to maximum angle at engine high idle when the hoist is momentarily flicked to the ‘raise position’. It also allows automatic return of the body to the lowered position, when the hoist control is momentarily flicked to the ‘lower position’.

The 40-ton (36.3 mt) machine uses the Cat C15 ACERT engine, Cat CX38B transmission and offers a gross power of 452hp (337 kW).