Demolition specification excavator doesn’t disappoint

JCB has announced the sale of one of the firm’s first demolition specification X Series excavators.

Lincoln-based A.R.T. Demolition bought the machine for dismantling tasks on projects across the Midlands. Supplied by dealer TC Harrison JCB, the 220X has been configured for the demolition sector with the addition of cab protection and heavy undercarriage guards.

Adam Thurlby, managing director of A.R.T. Demolition said, “We know just how much detail has gone into this machine so we knew it was destined to be special. The finished version does not disappoint. I am a big fan of the existing JS models but this has been thoroughly overhauled and taken to the next level.”

Operator Chris Bills added, “We are mainly using the new JCB on secondary demolition applications and it is performing well with a range of attachments including a concrete pulveriser. I’ve already put the machine through its paces and I’m impressed. The cab layout is fantastic, the level of technology is incredibly sophisticated and I could not believe just how quiet the 220X is.”