Breath of fresh air

ABERDEEN might not seem like the most obvious location in need of air conditioning – but a provider of recycling services to the oil, gas and construction industries has been extremely grateful for it!

RAM Tubulars has recently taken delivery of its first Hyundai forklift from Aberdeen-based Bear Handling – the 13,000kg load capacity 130D-9 model.

MD Jim Stewart said, “Bear took us through the benefits they believed that Hyundai would bring. Ironically, one of the benefits of the Hyundai machine was air-conditioning in the cab, which we thought we would never need in Aberdeen, however with the weather we have been having in the last month since we got the new machine – the air-con has been running flat out and the operator is very grateful of that feature!”

Other aspects of the machine to receive a seal of approval include the reversing camera and weight load indicators.

Jim added, “The new machine works at the coalface of our business and we expect it to turn up every day and work – so reliability is key. The machines on site tend to be one machine one operator – and the early feedback from the Hyundai’s operator is very good – but it will take a few months of operation for some solid feedback – but initial reports indicate that it’s a success and performing well. 

“The tighter turning space is a big advantage. The speed limiter is also something our H&S team are very keen on.”