Betting the farm on new Volvo

A Dumfries & Galloway-based dairy farm has taken delivery of a new fourteen-tonne Volvo excavator to maintain ditches and carry out general drainage work.

The EC140E has been bought to replace an older competitor model and will be put straight to work on the 750-acre Cairnpat Farm near Portpatrick, Stranraer.

Owner Kenneth McNeil said, “Due to our location at the south-western tip of Dumfries & Galloway we receive more than our fair share of rain every year. So it’s absolutely imperative we maintain our ditches and drainage systems in order to produce good quality grass which we turn into silage for our dairy herd.

“We’ve run our own excavator to carry out this work for a good many years but needed to replace it as it was getting a bit long in the tooth and decided buying new this time around made more economical sense.”

Following an initial enquiry placed with SMT GB and after taking into account references from existing Volvo users, an order was placed for the EC140E. “Yes, it’s a bit of a leap of faith opting for a new machine, and an alternative make, but we are very confident the new Volvo will perform well,” Kenneth added. “The deal was competitively priced and we are assured the residual value of the machine will remain buoyant.”

The EC140E is powered by four-cylinder Stage-IV compliant Volvo engine developing 122 nett hp. When Eco-mode is selected, the machine is said to provide better fuel efficiency “without loss of performance in most operating conditions”.

SMT GB said the EC140E will prove to be the “optimal tool” for farm work thanks to its forward reach of 8.85m, a dig depth of just over 6m and a practical load over height of 6.3m equipped with the standard 3m dipper arm.  The machine also features hammer/shear hydraulics and hose rupture valves fitted as standard together with optional X3 rotation circuit.