Dual view trucks ‘redefine’ safety on construction sites

WACKER Neuson has unveiled its new dual view trucks, which the manufacturer claims set new safety standards

The trucks, offering six to ten tonnes of payload, are said to allow operators to “conveniently and quickly” change seat position through a 180-degree rotation of the entire seat operating console. This, the manufacturer added, provides a “perfect view in the direction of travel” during transport, loading and unloading.

Wacker Neuson said that even a fully loaded skip doesn’t block the view because the operator works with the skip behind him, as with a conventional truck. A rear-view camera is installed as standard, while a front-view camera is optional.

Alexander Greschner, chief sales executive of Wacker Neuson SE said, “With dual view, we have completely redefined the topic of safety in this machine segment. Together with customers from a variety of markets, we were able to develop a solution that is easy to handle and at the same time has a big effect. We are already pleased about the high level of customer interest even before the official product launch.”

Other features include a hydrostatic drive, spring-loaded parking brake, protective grating on the skip and an air-conditioning system.

Three new models will be available: the DV60, DV90 and DV100.