Demand for safer machines drives Hi-Viz dumper investment

A-PLANT has revealed that a growing demand for safer and more efficient machines is behind firm’s new investment in a fleet of JCB Hi-Viz cabbed dumpers.

The equipment hire giant said the seven tonne machines bring “new levels of safety” to construction sites, due to features such as a reduced skip height, improved visibility, a longer wheelbase and lower centre of gravity.

The dumpers went into production late last year and A-Plant said it is one of the first firms in the UK to be able to offer the kit to customers.

Dave Harris, business development director for A-Plant explained, “A-Plant is at the forefront of equipment hire in the UK and we continue to lead the way in site safety too. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive and up-to-date range of equipment in the industry and we’re thrilled to continue to offer our customers the very latest and safest machines yet again.”