Double excavator launch for Hitachi

The ZX135US-6

HITACHI has unveiled two new excavators at Intermat in Paris.

The manufacturer described its new ZX135US-6 sliding arm excavator as being “ideal” for deep excavation projects in confined spaces, explaining that it can dig deeper than a 30-tonne standard model and has a “significantly smaller footprint”. The machine has been developed as a compact alternative to larger models.

The sliding arm is said to extend the working range of the ZX135US-6 to a maximum digging depth of 7,790mm. The upper arm features a built-in sliding cylinder with a 2,000mm stroke. Safety features include handrails and a reinforced safety platform.

The ZX135US-6 has a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system and also features the HIOS IV hydraulic system, which Hitachi said reduces total hydraulic loss and helps to lower fuel consumption by 7% (in PWR mode).

Toru Nabeshima, manager of the special application department at Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV said, “Hitachi has utilised its manufacturing expertise to develop this machine and provide a reliable solution customers, who are seeking powerful machines to work in confined spaces. It is exceptionally versatile, and will complete excavation projects efficiently and safely. Like all Zaxis-6 excavators, it offers low fuel consumption as well as high productivity, ensuring a profitable return on investment.”

Hitachi has also been showing off the new ZX210LC-6 telescopic arm excavator – marketed as the “optimum solution for complex below-ground construction projects”. As the smallest model in the range, the machine specialises in confined space work and can excavate to depths of 21 metres.

The ZX210LC-6

The telescopic arm extends and retracts in seconds using a combination of rope and hydraulic cylinders. Hitachi explained this enables it to remove soil “quickly and easily” from a maximum depth of 21 metres.

Visibility is enhanced by a sliding cab, positioned 960mm further forward than on a standard model and can move an additional 1,300mm forward. Other features include a large window in the floor of the cab and optional LED working lights at the front of the cab to light up the area below ground. Further safety features include warning lights and alarms in the cab.

Toru Nabeshima said, “Like all of Hitachi’s special application models, the ZX210LC-6 telescopic arm excavator has been designed and built in-house, and incorporates the same industry-leading technology as standard Hitachi excavators. Developed to meet the demands of a specific industry application, it is ideal for complex below-ground excavation tasks, such as the Grand Paris Project.”