Hire specialist launches new staff safety initiative

SAFETY is at the heart of a new initiative launched by Glasgow-based GAP Hire Solutions.

The firm said its new ‘Think Safe’ campaign has been designed to “engage the hearts and minds” of employees and “enrich” the health and safety culture within the business.

A video has been produced to help promote the Think Safe principle across a range of real life scenarios including driving, manual handling and working at height.

Douglas Anderson, GAP’s joint managing director, said safety should be the “dominating characteristic” of the company’s culture. He added, “Think Safe is about getting everyone to work safely, not because they’ve been told to, but because that is the way we all want to work and that is the way we all should work.”

Allister Maxwell, head of S.H.E risk & compliance at GAP added, “GAP’s core values of health, wellbeing and safety are reflected in all our plans and actions. Think Safe encapsulates these values which are applied through strong safety leadership, well developed ‘safe systems of work’ and ongoing safety awareness and skills training.”