“Rugged and durable” wheel loader strengthens Kubota range

Kubota UK has unveiled its new R082 wheel loader, which the manufacturer claims has been designed with the optimum balance of “size, power and comfort”.

Powered by a 47.3 PS Kubota diesel engine, the firm said the “rugged and durable” machine is one of the most cost-effective in its range.

Features include the loader arm’s tilt/parallel movement to keep loads upright when raising or lifting the arm, and a differential lock system allowing operators to engage both the front and rear wheels for slip free traction. There’s also an AUX hold switch, which sets and maintains the hydraulic oil flow for implements.

Adrian Mann, Kubota UK’s product manager for its construction equipment division said, “The launch of the new R082 further strengthens our range of high quality construction machines. It’s a powerful machine that features excellent breakout force and superior manoeuvrability and stability to deliver outstanding performance and productivity.”

The loader’s operator station contains a digital display panel, adjustable suspension seat, multi-function operating lever, tilt steering, and adjustable right wrist rest. The rear of the cabin features rounded glass corners that, according to Kubota, provide “excellent visibility when reversing” when combined with its sloped bonnet.

The machine is also fitted with Kubota’s anti-theft system, meaning that only programmed keys will allow the engine to start up. Any attempts to start the machine with an unprogrammed key activates an alarm.