Balfour Beatty to back CITB Consensus

Leo Quinn

BALFOUR Beatty has announced it will vote in favour of CITB Consensus – just weeks after suggesting the business was “likely” to vote against it.

Chief executive Leo Quinn said last month that the training body had failed to deliver the skilled workers the construction sector requires and the industry “cannot afford to lose another three years” if proposed reforms failed to materialise.

However, Balfour Beatty said it has since held a number of meetings with the CITB and received “appropriate assurances” and preliminary details about the reforms.

In a statement, Balfour Beatty said, “It (the CITB) has demonstrated that it understands the urgency and magnitude of change necessary to create a CITB which will better meet the needs of the UK construction industry and help create the skilled workforce necessary to deliver the enormous pipeline of planned works.

“Balfour Beatty believes that further work on the governance of the CITB is necessary. We are willing to work constructively, with the CITB and our industry partners, to ensure that the CITB has governance which is fit for purpose as soon as is practical.

“It is unsatisfactory that the vote on the consensus is taking place before full publication of the reform plans. This has meant that industry has had to vote without having the detail it needs to make an informed decision. Nonetheless, in light of the assurances received from the CITB and its management Balfour Beatty has decided to vote in favour of the consensus to enable the CITB to rapidly deliver on these commitments.”